Sen.Binos D.yaroe has today unveiled the 2nd phase of his empowerment where I50 beneficiaries from the nine (9) local governments of the zone benefitted from his benevolence. The event took place at his residence today in mayo belwa local government area, Adamawa state.

Some of the empowerment items distributed were, grinding machines, water pumping machines, knapsack sprayers, machetes, and rain boots.

30 grinding machines for 30 women, 120 people for water pump machines, knapsack sprayers, machetes, and rain boots, and 5,000 were given to them each for transportation back to their various local governments.

Yaroe said, this phase of empowerment is not like the previous one, where the beneficiaries were trained on various businesses before empowering them, this phase is for the women and age who already have an existing business.

he added, that this is not much but at least it will help our people who are into the dry farming season and women who are into small-scale business.

Lastly, he appealed to the beneficiaries not to sell the items given to them but use them for the purpose they are meant for.

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