Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe, a Reverend who ventured into politics, has exceeded expectations and shown his commitment to serving the people of Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone.

In his first term, he demonstrated strong leadership and a dedication to improving the lives of his constituents.

His efforts to govern without bias or discrimination have earned him the respect and trust of the people he serves.

Senator Yaroe has been proactive in addressing the needs of his constituents, particularly in the areas of Health, Education, Water Access, and Economic Development.

Through his efforts, he has provided critical infrastructure and resources to improve the lives of the people he represents.

By constructing classrooms across the 9 local government areas, he has made education more accessible and improved opportunities for students.

The drilling of solar-powered boreholes and hand pump boreholes has provided communities with access to clean drinking water.

And by empowering young people, farmers, and women with resources to improve their livelihoods, he has helped to boost the local economy and improve the overall quality of life.

Senator Yaroe has been a strong advocate for the needs of his constituents in the Senate, working to bring about positive change through legislation.

By presenting bills and motions with a direct impact on the lives of all people in his district, he has demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of the people he represents.

If these bills are passed into law, the southern zone will benefit from the establishment of three new higher institutions of learning, further expanding educational opportunities for residents.

Senator Yaroe’s efforts to improve the lives of his constituents through legislation demonstrate his dedication to serving the people of Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone.

Senator Yaroe has also made significant contributions to improving healthcare in his district. By purchasing a high-grade mobile hospital and organizing medical outreach programs, he has provided critical medical services to over 100,000 people, free of charge.

This has made a real difference in the lives of those who may not have had access to quality medical care otherwise.

If re-elected in 2023, Senator Yaroe has promised to continue building on these gains, working to ensure that his constituents have access to the healthcare services they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Senator Yaroe’s initiatives have made a real difference in the lives of the people of Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone.

With his determination and proven track record, Senator Yaroe is poised to continue delivering positive results for the people of Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone in the years to come.

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